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Refrigerator Repair

As a leading Refrigerator Fridge Repair Service Center in Indore. Call now- 9669777781 if you are in between of trouble with your Refrigerator/Fridge issues in Indore and your looks that your refrigerator is not working properly. We are the best Service provider and provides the complete solution to all your problems related to Refrigerator/fridge. We just make you free from all problems of your refrigerator. We offer our Indore customer a quality repair service at very affordable charges and with complete satisfaction that ever you get from anywhere else before.

Our trained refrigerator service professionals are experienced and well qualified in fixing a variety of issues to refrigerator/fridge like cooling, the noise issue, water leakage, gas issue etc. or even your refrigerator is dead, we are able to give you a proper service for your all issues. Our technical team is perfect for working in all popular brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Kelvinator etc among others. Never trust on local repair shops or electrician nearby you for fixing your refrigerator.

They only give a temporary solution most of the time and also they are not able to provide you an after sales support for your service issues. People with less experience can give more harm to our costly appliances. We are the best for your all refrigerator repair and service works so please give us a chance for your all repair and service issues.

Refrigerator- fridge AMC Plan :-

Compressor, Sealed system – Gas charging, Capillary ,Drier, Relay, thermostat, Fan Motor, Timer and thermal Fuse

No service charges for the parts covered in plan.
No transportation pertaining to parts covered under plan.

Colored Components, Plastic Parts, Door Gasket Assembly, Light bulb, light Switch, Cabinet and liner.

DIRECT COOL - Single Door Refrigerator


ll GNF

2 Years 1725
NEO/Protton/Mastermind - 220 ~ 285Ltrs 2 Years 2615
Professional/Iceberg/NEO/Protton -290~360Ltrs 2 Years 5225
Professional/Protton/Neo - 410~480Ltrs 2 Years 6265

*All prices are inclusive of taxes

What is refrigerator/fridge?
It is refrigeration device used to lower the temperature of food items/eatables/lab samples etc as per required by the user.

What are different types of Refrigerator/Fridge?

  • Single door fridge
  • Frost free Double Door Fridge
  • Frost free multi Door Fridge
  • Deep Fridge
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators

What are different parts of Refrigerator/Fridge?

  • Compressor
  • Overload
  • PTC Relay
  • Run Capacitor
  • Start Capacitor
  • Condenser
  • Condenser fan
  • Gas Filter
  • Capillary Tube
  • Cooling Coil
  • Fan Motor
  • Thermostat
  • Bi-Metal sensor
  • Defrost Heater
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Defrost Timer/PCB

What are the problems faced by user & their solutions?

    • Refrigerator not cooling
    • Freezer is working but there is no cooling in fridge.
    • Fridge frost problem.
    • Gas leakage in fridge.

SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES . serves its clients the best services in repairing your refrigerator. Apart from the refrigeration repairing, also offers you 90 days service warranty. SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES always suggests you to choose the genuine parts accredited with the tests.
SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES . bid High Quality Service and Workmanship.
SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES . is serving @ 95% customer Satisfaction.
Our Technicians are Certified, Licensed and insured for protection.
And it ’s really important to preserve Refrigerator/Fridge in a right way. So that we can use them for a long-span of time, so if you are facing any problem, feel free to contact SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES ..
SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES Engineers provides Refrigerator/Fridge Repair & Service in Panchkula,Refrigerator/Fridge Repair in Panchkula, Refrigerator/Fridge Service in Panchkula, Refrigerator Gas filling in Panchkula.
We are here to give you the best Refrigerator/Fridge repair & services in the Panchkula, Chandigarh & Mohali.
For Booking Call SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES Engineers @ 9888083567,9592913579.
SHRI VINAYAK GROUP OF SERVICES Engineers provide solution for following refrigerator/fridge problems & many others:

Refrigeration/Fridge not cooling.

Refrigeration/Fridge not working.

Refrigeration/Fridge compressor replacement.

Refrigeration/Fridge Frost Problem(coating of ice in freezer)

Refrigeration/Fridge gas charging.

Refrigeration/Fridge gas refilling

Call For More Details: 9669777781


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