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Services Added:
Depending on your system, it should be serviced a minimum of once a year, with periodic inspections up to 4 times a year. We suggest scheduling a consultation with a leading HVAC service company that has respected industry certifications such as MSCA Star. Based on the age, size and usage of your system, a quality service provider can tailor a service plan to meet your budget requirements and keep your system running reliably.
Nearly all of the TV Repairs that we carry out will work out more economical than purchasing a new TV. In Fact it can normally save hundreds compared to a new TV.

Once your TV has been assessed we will contact you with an exact price to fix your TV. We are a family TV repair shop with over 10 years of local customer service built on professionalism & honesty. We are committed to delivering value for money on all our repairs.

The microwave repair service provided by Shri Vinayak Group covers: Complete diagnosis of the problem with the microwave Identifying problems like busted magnetron, issues with PCB, etc. Replacing spare parts if need be
Great question! We don't always recommend that you fix your refrigerator. After talking with you over the phone we can often see if the fix is even worth doing. Sometimes, you're better off getting a new fridge instead of fixing it. Our refrigerator repairmen want to make sure that you're making the best decision for your wallet, not ours.
You can use a water softener to make the hard water soft. In this process, you’ll be using Sodium Chloride or common salt to regenerate the ion exchange resin, resulting in making hard water soft. Another option is water treatment devices. You can use purifiers using Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis technology to soften water.
Well, there is no one perfect answer. It depends on multiple factors. Front loading washing machines save water but are more expensive. Top loading washing machines are more convenient to use as you do not have to bend to load and unload clothes.

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